No wonder Worldcom/MCI had money problems, because their fucking billing system doesn’t work!
That’s right, they can’t bill or do math do save their life. Sit back, and I shall share a story of billing lunacy.

A long itme ago, in a land far far away, I was responsible for some servers on a Worldcom Dial Office ISDN line. This conneciton was a ‘business’ class account with half a C class of IP addresses and 24/7 uptme with no, I repeat no/none/zip/zilch/nada/zero hourly connect charges.

Lo and behold one month, a new bill arrives for $5000.00+!@#$# And get this, I was being charged for a months worth of hourly charges, which is wrong. To top that off, it was for 3368.368 hours for 30 days of service. Now let’s go over that again: 24 hours x ~30 days somehow equals 3368.368 hours. Sure it does, on their planet. Our normal bill for the first 7 months or so was ~$126.00 including tax hoopla.

So, I call in to billing and customer service. After 2 days, no one knows what the hell is wrong. They claim they will issue a credit and to pay the normal bill. Next month, you guessed if, same shit. I call in again. Everyone pleads ignorance, says thers nothing thay can do, and they again issue a credit for the mysterious hourly rates on an unlimited account and we pay the normal fee.

This shit went on for 6 months before we terminated our account with them. To this very day, we are still getting bills and phone calls about collection. Calling customer services and billing still yields pure ignorance and a blind eye to an obviously horribly stupid billing system. #$%$#@#

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