So we had a big scare this weekend. Over the last couple of months, we’ve been trying to change our eating habits just a little…a little less crap, and a lot more veggies. We started out Friday with the chopping of the veggies for stir fry. We’ve both gotten fond of Thai stir fry. I like the hot basil stuffs, and she likes the coconut/peanut sauce stuff.

After we got done eating, Margo jumped up, ran upstairs and screamed call 911. As I called 911, she was chewing up Benadryl like they were tick tacks. She was having a major allerigic reation and her throat was closing fast. Once they ambulance got there, they took her to the hospital where she spent the night.

We know she’s allergic to seafood, iodine, and penicillin. We don’t know yet if this was a cross contamination issue (fish products made in the same place the peanut sauce is made), or if her body has just decided that she is now allergic to peanuts. She’ll be having an allergy test in a couple of weeks. She’s fine for the most part, although her throat is still irritated and she appears to be having some small relapses. Supposedly it can take at least 6 days for allergins like that to be purged from the body completely.

But back to my point, why my wife is a better person than I am. She’s a giver. She says I am too, but I treat stress differently than she does. If it were me and I kept feeling scared and like it was still happening again every day, she would see me through it. I, on the other hand, do something stupid: I start to get angry. Not at her, but at the fact that I can’t do anything to change the situation, or that I’m afraid to deal with the stress again, so I want to just act like it’s not happening.

God knows why she puts up with me sometimes.

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