Straight from the briing-clue-phone-its-for-you department. Apparently a 3rd person has died after getting their Smallpox vaccine. This time, it was a soldier. And like the previous 2 nurses before him, he also had a heart attack.

Department of Defense (news – web sites) official said on Friday that the 55-year-old National Guardsman had died in an unidentified U.S. military hospital on March 26, six days after receiving his smallpox vaccination.

Two female health care workers who were recently vaccinated against smallpox have died in the past week of heart attacks.

“We are categorizing this event at the moment as unlikely to be due to smallpox vaccination,” Grabenstein said during a conference call with other smallpox vaccination experts and government immunization experts.

Umm,. hello? Is this thing on? Three people dead after getting their Smallpox vaccines; all from the same immediate cause. Now I know why Margeaux refused to get one at work (she’s a nurse). 100% seems like a hell of a coincidence to me.

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