Robert Scoble
says that
Microsoft isn’t a software company, but a problem solving company.
OK, I’ll play.

One of the reasons that I haven’t purchased an XBox yet is that it doesn’t solve
my gaming “problem”. :-) It’s too expressive still, and what does it really offer
me compared to the others?

Here’s what I want to the next gen game device. The first person to come up with
this package get’s my money no questions asked. Along with the given “awesome”
graphics that every gamer expects, it’s about time we have the wireless emersion
experience in gaming. We have the tech for it.

Give me wireless goggles, wireless gloves, a wireless fake shooting device (ala
pump shotgun) and wireless boots devices that can track whether I’m running or
walking or kicking. That way I can STAND in the middle of the
room, and interact with my favorite First Person Shooter and get exercise at
the same time. I’m sure we have the tech to put sensors in things, or even just
attach then to shoes and gloves. Nothing fancy.

And none of the whining from the “video games cause violence” camp about the
mock shooting device. I’m an adult. Games don’t cause violence. Parent your

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