Someone in MicroShaft PR, please make him stop.#@!$%
From an article over at :

Second thing, our product is a more complete product. We have a built-in application server that’s well integrated – there is no such comparable notion in the Linux server. We have a directory server built in – there is no such comparable thing in Linux. The Linux client hardly runs any applications, except a bunch of shareware stuff that’s not very good.

What MicroShaft calls ‘incomplete’ I call choice. Here’s a crazy thought. Maybe I don’t want the application server ‘in’ the OS. Maybe I want to use a different application server. No such comparable app server in Linux? Ever heard of Tomcat? No such comparable directory server in Linux? Ever heard of Bind and OpenLDAP?

I think it’s not complete,it’s a poor value proposition versus Windows. It is a clone of an operating system. There has yet to be any innovation, new features or new capabilities out of the Linux platform. First they cloned Unix, and there are people working on cloning some of our stuff. But it’s just a cloning operating system. That doesn’t mean we can stand still – we have to push along. But I don’t think anyone should expect anything innovative coming out of that world. There’s no data to support that.

Brrring. Clue phone, it’s for you. Nothing innovative? Poor value? By poor value he must mean doesn’t need security-patched and rebooted every other day.


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