If I was this guy, an American citizen, I would be the most belligerent, loud, unruly son of a bitch these people have ever seen.

Hawash, a U.S. citizen, was arrested last month by the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force. For nearly two weeks, he has been held as a so-called “material witness” in solitary confinement in a federal lockup in Sheridan, Oregon. The designation allows authorities to hold him indefinitely without charging him with a crime.

We need to put a stop to this shit. If he wasn’t a US citizen, I wouldn’t really mind. But he is a US citizen, which means people like Dubya and Asscraft can do this very thing to you or me for no reason at all because they don’t have to answer to anyone about it.

What makes this even more stupid is that you could very well make a donation to (for the sake of argument) the Red Cross. So what if we find out next year that they were run by a terrorist, or a terrorist organization. Now you are a suspect because you (in the past) made a donation to a ‘terrorist organization’ (which was once just a normal charity in the minds of the government)?

I have just two words to say about that: Fuck You. I’ve nevervoted in the past, because I’ve never liked any of the candidates. But I will now start. We need to get these people out of office ASAP.

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