You know, just when I decide to research Visual Studio.NET, MickeySoft manages to piss me off, again, still, more.

So here I have one 60 day Trial Copy of VS.NET. I would like to spend some time tinkering with it, learning its quirks before I weigh in on whether I think it’s appropriate for our development group.
So, after I get my hands on a DVD drive at work, I install it and proceed to tinker for about 20 minute. Since I live behind a computer at home, I also wanted to install the trial there and continue my tinkering.

After waiting 40 fucking minutes to install 1.5GB worth of shit, then it decides that it won’t activate because I’ve already nstalled it elsewhere.
That would be all well and good if I were using a retail copy, but it’s a fucking trial version@#$%$#. The whole point of a “trial version” is to get me and as many others as possible to try it, then buy it.
I can’t do that when the piece of shit software activation stops me from doing so. To make matters worse, now I have to wait for it to deinstall itself.

Fuck you Bill. I will find another IDE.

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