Apparently the Valid XHTML/CSS buttons and links on this site are broken. I only noticed when checking out the site from behind a proxy. But here’s the strange part. I works from behind the Squid proxy I’m running here internally, but chokes when behind an MicroShaft Proxy 2.0 server elsewhere. Maybe it heard it’s ears burning. :-)

Anyway, it looks like a problem with the AxKit stuff, and I’ve found a patch. I’m not sure I should be patching software at this hour though. :-P

For other seekers of the problem:

Looks like it works here because I’m zapping/anonmizing proxy headers via the following line in squid.conf:

anonymize_headers deny Referer Via X-Forwarded-For

Well, that would explain it!


All fixed – in theory. At least no crashy crash on pagey load.
Looks like the patch fixes the problem.

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