Just because I can. Upgrated MovableType to the new 4.0 [beta] version. Got it running under FastCGI just for giggles too. Almost had to. The 4.x version is noticeably slower than the 3.x version running under regular old cgi. FastCGI – not just a clever title. Installed memcached too just for giggles. Wonder how long it will be until the server goes boom. :-)

Of course, comments are broken. The one thing that MT gets wrong during upgrades are the templates. You can select exiting templates and choose ‘refresh’..but that doesn’t you do any good for templates that never existed, thus can’t be selected. I’ve resorted to creating a new temp blog and coping all template records in the database into the existing blog.

Still working on Mango. Well, barely. I managed to waste a few weeks on Call of Duty, Call of Duty: United Offensive and Call of Duty 2. I usually like sci-fi games more than ‘army’ games, but CoD was pretty damn fun.

Photo 178.jpg

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