Lately I’ve been in the mood to do more CSS. I’ve tried HomeSite in the past, and even earlier versions of TopStyle. I’ve never been a fan of WYSIWYG editors, even IDEs like Visual Studio/Interdev that try and second guess me. I’m a diehard Notepad/Textpad user. Give me a text editor or give me death, and leave my formatting alone!

On a whim I decided to try TopStyle Pro after I had tried FeedDemon, a new RSS newsreader developed by the same BradSoft via Nick Bradbury.

After a day of tinkering, I bought a copy. Nick has a real gift and making highly usable GUI programs that Do What I Mean and get out of the way. That’s a hard skill to come by, even for Microsoft sometimes.

What I like even more, is the non-greedy licensing. I buy 1 license for me to use this program anywhere I am; at home, at work; on the laptop, on the desktop.
That’s how it should be. That makes me want to pay for software. This draconian per per user, per seat, per connection crap the BigCO’s play is for the birds.

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