It goes without saying, yet is never said enough.
You have changed my life in ways I can’t even describe.
To wake up next to you every day makes me feel safe and complete.
You are so smart, loving, understanding and compationate.
You spend your days helping children in need of care.
You spend your days going to school to better yourself.
Yet you still come home to me;
Make dinner. Pamper me. Cuddle me. Love Me.
Loving. Understanding. Patient.
Tolerant of me being lazy when you’re tired.
I should be doing more to help you.
You are a better person than I in many ways.
You spoil and love without asking in return.
I am truly lucky to have you in my life.
To help me learn. To help me grow. To help me love.

May there be many more slow weekends full of snuggles, shopping, movies, cooking, baths, travel and any other activity where we can be together. :-)

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