No matter how many times I here it, I still get a chuckle for even commercial or comic skit that uses this (RealAudio) and other NFL themes as a background theme, while some voice over talks about something stupid like getting somewhere or getting something to work like it’s a life and death struggle. The latest DirectTV commercial comes to mind about “Bob” getting a big screen, then a curve ball thrown at him by “regional programming schedules”.

I wish I could find the rest of the themes they typically use in these commercials so I could make my own. :-) Having worked at an advertising agency in the past where they also did commercials, I can respect the creativity into stupid things like this, and the strange yet funny people behind them.

I also think those Budweiser “Real American Hero” or “Real Men Of Genius” beer commercials are funny. “Mr Company Computer Guy”.

You are the ruler of the Ram, the guru of the Gigabyte, the monster of the memory.

When we screw up the boot up, you are there.

Without you, computers would Mega-Bite.

The countless hours we spend surfin the internet and accidentally stumble upon porn sites, would instead be spent… working.

So crack open a cold Bud lite Mr. Company Computer Guy.
For it’s you who keps our logons logging and our hard drives hard.

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