The older I get, the more things I put on my mental list of things I never will, or should own. Why? Well, just because. I’m a a computer programmer and a sysadmin. Before that I was a musician, and before that a teenager. I know computers. I’m not a genius or an expert, but I’d like to think I know a little more than most about my areas of practice. When you talk geek to me about computers, I follow it quite well. If you try to talk to me about rebuilding and engine, I’m clueless. Kind of ironic considering where I work. :-)

They say part of being successful is to know your limits, admit them, and ask for help when necessary. I can’t fix things (well), so I know when not to try. Always hire a professional. So with that in mind, here are the things I will never own, if for no other reason that for my safety:

  • Guns

    I would shoot myself in the foot somehow. I like my toes to much.

  • Chainsaw

    See Above. I like my legs to much.

  • Circular Saw/Table Saw

    See above. I like my fingers to much.

  • Wood Chipper

    Yup. See above.

  • Pnuematic Nailer

    Once you’ve see an xray on TV of a skull with a nail it. Nuff said.

The funny part about most of those *saw things: I did 4 years of shop class in high school without incident. Go figure.

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