I think the time has come to sell the big red fun toy. I’ll be sad to see her go, but I believe now is the proper time to set her free.

She has really low mileage (<30,000) and the body is is almost great shape.
The problem is, the paint needs to be reworked on both doors. There’s a tad of surface rust and a few bubbles, but nothing structural that will require a good bare metal prep and paint job. I have no urge to fund that process again.

On top of that, she’s completely paid for. I could buy a new vehicle with the proceeds and still be loan free. That doesn’t suck at all.


However, we still want to be able to haul things when necessary, so a minivan is a must. We drove a 2004 Ford Freestar to St. Louis and it was nice. The bummer is that those only have a 3 year warranty?!@# What the hell is that about. At least the Kias have a 10/100,000 warranty in place.

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