For the longest time, I’ve had this theory about people. A theory in which I know I suffer from, and I believe humans as a species also contend with. Fear is the only real motivator in behaviour. Wha? Let me explain with a common everyday situation.

You’re walking somewhere and see a homeless person? How many people look away, or cross the street? Why? Fear. Fear of feeling guilty? Maybe. It could be the fear of feeling something about the situation itself. Fear of letting the world inside because sometimes the world around us hurts our hearts no matter how much we tell ourselves it won’t.

My girlfriend claims that I’m a good person, a “good soul” she says. Some recent examples may even prove it’s somewhat true, but I still have the same problem. Fear. I am by my very nature and introverted personality. I spent many many years locking out the world because everytime I let it in I got hurt in some fashion. Such is life I think. While now a days I have more confidense and am generally happy about my position in life, fear still creaps in. Fear of guilt. Fear of hurt. Fear of no belonging. Some day I will overcome.

What do you think?

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