After seeing the cat pictures over at,
I decided to post a quick pic of the family members.

Sophia. AKA “Soph” (1987-2002)

Sophia was Margeaux’s companion of 18+ years. She was a sweetheart. Apparently, I was the only guy Sophia ever tolerated
being with Margeaux. I got purrs and snuggles from her. And from Sophia too. :-)

Sophia passed away towards the end od 2002. She will be missed.

Photo of Sophia

Neiko. AKA “Raspy”

Neiko and her sister Isis are pure breed Siamese Seal Point sisters. Their parents were both champion Siamsese show cats.
Nieko got her nickname due to her raspy meow. Both her and her sister are VERY chatty cats as most Siamese are.
They aren’t mean however, at least mine aren’t.

Photo of Neiko

Isis. AKA “Ice”

Isis has established herself as the queen of the household. She is a very loud vocal individual who isn’t afraid to speak her mind.
What I wouldn’t give to have her speak english for 5 minutes.

Photo of Isis

Babs. AKA “Babsie Boo” / “Boo”

Being the sucker that I am, I snagged Babs and her sister Buttons from county shelter via the local PetSmart.
Babs is the biggest lover lap cat I’ve ever met. She is “The Kitty with the Bult In Smile”. Nudge Nudge. Rub. Lick.
She’s a little to nice/shy for her own good aorund the Siamese, but somehow we manage.

Photo of Babs

Buttons. AKA “BillyCat” / “RoboKitty”

Buttons got her name because that’s what she attacks: buttons. She is by far the most expensive cat in the house at ~$2600.
So far, that’s one broken leg with surgery including a leg erector set, and another surgery to remove felt she ate. Kitty with the built in seem.
We love ya girl.

Photo of Buttons

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