I’ll never eat at The Cheesecake Factory again as long as I live.

The most friendly sane experience of the evening was with the valet parking. The staff was mostly rude and slow. But the worst thing of all was their seating policy.

If you had 6 people in your party, but when they called your name only 5 people were present, you were not seated and your name wat put back at the bottom of the list. While I can almost understand the technical reasons for this, I believe in the end it serves no good reason other than to completely piss off your customers.

Don’t get me started on how damn long it actually took to get a friggin salad.

No offense to the California readers, but this is Ohio, not a posh Hollywood/Beverly Hills restaurante. If I’m going to pay that kind of money, the service needs to be a whole lot better.

I’ll stick to Applebee’s thank you very much.

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