Thing are moving along quite nicely on the Handel front. Version 0.18 is out and considered feature complete in terms of tests, checkout, order, and carts in Perl, on AxKit and within Template Toolkit. I need to start on a Catalyst demo site as well.

There is a nice crisp new mailing list. I need to setup a wiki and the subversion repo on the new domain name. This means I need Apache2 installed, which means I want to install mod_perl2 which means I need a newer version of perl. Oh yea, I need to upgrade MySql to version 4.

Considering all of that work, I’ve decided that it’s best to give this web server The Big Wipe and start from a scratch FreeBSD 5.4-RELEASE install. Then I can let Apache1/MP1 and Apache2/MP2 fight it out. After that, maybe PHP4/PHP5, or at least PHP4 under both apache installs. You get the idea.

I’ve long wanted to convert everything from 3 1U servers back into one to make life [and my electric bill] much happier. If I start from scratch on this machine, eventually it will become the one and only.

If it weren’t for AxKit, and me wanting to run the Handel AxKit demo online, I’d ditch Apache/MP1 all together. Hell, I might as well upgrade MovableType, or maybe even ditch it for WordPress?

So, after some quick and dirty backups of SQL data, DNS files, config files, and websites, we will be off the air for a while.

Hopefully I can can this all done by the end of the weekend. Famous last word right?

Keep your stick on the ice and out of your friends face. We’re all in this together.

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