Every now and then, I’ll remember parts of dreams I’m pretty sure I have over and over again.\

In the most vivd one I can remember, I’m in college, but the building is my high school, and I suddenly remember that I have a class that I need to pass that I’ve never been two for the first half of the semester. Then I scramble to find the right classroom.

Damn strange huh? Near as I can figure, it some hidden stress related thing. I took ~23 credit hours for 5 and a half years in college. Maybe it’s some anxiety realted issue.

The other, or maybe even the part of the same dream is in the same high school. I forget the combination to my locker and I panic.

Go figure. I’ve always been good at memorizing numbers, phone number I use only once, combos, etc. Had a real gift for memorizing music clickly, especially things with patterns. Apparently, my brain is afraid of forgetting things.

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