…and sometimes the bear gets you.

Nugget of goodness #1: renewing a VeriSign SSL Certificate.

I’ve done this a million times at work without incident. So of course, this time MicroShat proves me a liar.
It was the usual routine, send in a new renewal request to VeriSign, pay for the renewal, and they send you back a
nice shiiy, umm..shiny new certificate to install.
Upon opening the key manager in IIS and trying to install said certificate, you are greeted by a plethora of bad
password errors even though you know and can use your passphrase on the verisign site.
To add flames to the fire, restoring the old keyset from backups also fails. Welcome to MicroShaft IIS SSL Keyring hell.

Luckily, VeriSign iwll let you replace the cert (revoke, resubmit new CSR) for no charge within the first 30 days. I guess this happens a lot.
Once the renewal renewaled cert arrives, it installs fine. Weeeeeee.

Chapter #2: File server boot drive ‘shits the bed’

As if I wasn’t having enough fun. Come home, no proxy, no share drives, no tunes. Hmmmm.
Hookup ye olde monitor and keyboard. Oy boy Wally! Hard Read Errors! Reboot into single user; $ fsck /. Hard Read Errors!
Hot damn! It’s a charlie foxtrot party!

Luckily, everything important is on raid, and the boot is only 4110MB @ < %50 capicity. Reappropriate one spare 3200MB
drive, reformat, repartition, reinstall minimal, mount elswhere, tar like crazy, rinse lather repeat.
All is well again; until I buy a new hard drive to repeat the process.

This is a great day…..FOR ME TO POOP ON!

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