Got a phone call last night from my friend Chris from work who is building a computer for his boy. He snagged a used ASUS mobo and a P3 1.4Ghz only to find out that the mobo won’t take a 1.4 due to the multipliers and bus.1 But what do you know, I have (3) 1U P3 1Ghz servers that will take a 1.4, and he needs a 1.0Ghz.

So now the web server has been upgraded to a P3 1.4Ghz. :-) Bonus.

I think I need to recompile the kernel though. It actually seems a tad slower although it’s running at the same bus speeds. MRTG seems to confirm this a little. Either that, or a reboot has reset something I didn’t finish somewhere.

Chart grows to the right. After 11pm, the same processes take more CPU time.

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