That’s what they should call Cheesus H. Rice. This is possibly the worst site I’ve ever used to attempt to buy something online. It’s not that their site layout or design is bad, it’s just that the site doesn’t fucking work. No way. No how.

Every other click, literally, yields me a “session timeout” or a “an error has ocurred” message. What a turd of a site.
Session timeout? Don’t think so. just logged in. Cookies are on. No proxy involved. Javascript is on.

Let me just clarify. I work in the biz. I’ve built my share of shit code and had problems. But something as large as Fandango should be doing a lot better.

My bet: Their ASP is shitting upon itself on a busy Friday night. Time to upgrade to .NET. I here that 1 degree of seperation will solve their problems. That, or they forgot to sprinkle on the magic server pixie dust.

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