OK, so I got the itch to do something with my feeds, so I created a single XSLT stylesheet to transform all of me feeds to something a little more friendly. My only beef with the stylsheet is that I have to specify xsl:output method="html" instead of xsl:output method="xml" because Mozilla Firebird would not render it as HTML. No big deal since I don’t use and open HTML4 style tags.

Another nice Mozilla feature is that they don’t serialize the final output, so disable-output-escaping="yes" doesn’t work. This means all embeded HTML in the feed descriptions would be displayed, not rendered.

According to feedvalidator.com, all of my feeds are valid. Who knows if they’re “funky” though. Lord knows how well this stylesheet will work with other peoples feeds. Give it a whirl. May the force be with you. YMMV.

Yes, I think this breaks RSS readers. Sorry folks. I’ve seen it done before. I guess it should use CSS stylesheets instead of XSL stylesheets. I’ll fix it tomorrow night. I promise. :-)

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