…happen within 5 miles of the home. Yeah no shit. So we drive 11 hours to Canada, and 11 hours back without event. Sure as shit, we hit a deer 3 exits from home on the freeway. Son of a bitch.

Fortunately, no one was hurt and the deer didn’t come through the windshield. That would’ve been bad news at 55-65MPH on the freeway.

Poor Perl. The front end is a mess, but I doubt they would total it since it’s a 2003 and still has good resale. I don’t trust cars once they’re wrecked. I may just let it be fixed and trade it in on another new or semi new Maxima since this one is already paid off.

We’ll see. I didn’t think to get pictures even though I have my digital with me. Maybe tomorrow. Speaking of pictures, I have some Canada fishing pictures to put up. Maybe tomorrow as well.

Time to take a shower and crash; pun intended.

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