Well, I finally took the plunge and tweaked the stylesheet to use relative font sizes with the help of
this article over at
Dive Into Accessability.

What I don’t like so far:

  • The font size for most of the content uses small, which compared to the pixel sizes is somewhere between to small and to big.
  • The stylesheet used to pass the W3C validator with no errors and no warnings. here still are no errors, but a whole lot of warnings creeped in.
  • The layout gets crazy in Mozilla when I resize now. It never used to do that with pixel fonts sizes. Although, Mozilla would resize all fonts regarless of relative or fixed while IE wouldn’t play nice.

It all comes back to eating your own dog food again I guess. Something to change my mind about later go do with cookies/javascript selected stylesheets
with the pixel sizes changed instead of being relative.

What do you think?


Damn. The CSS validator does fine if I upload and specify the options, but it does’t work in general from the Valid CSS links on this page. Time to ditch relative and go back to fixed. :-(

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