OK, I can’t take it any more. I have to tell someone. :-)

For those who know me well enough, they will probably tell you that I’m a teddy bear pretending to be a hard-ass-bastard. A boy can dream can’t he?
I’m is/was fortunate enough in this world to have wonderful parents who raised me and put me through college, a great girlfriend [yes people, she is real] who can’t keep her hands off of me, and a great job [aside from the usual bitching about work in general] that is fun and pays well.

Every now and then, I will just do something kind for a stranger for no reason. Call it stocking up on positive mojo. Sure, part of it is that it makes me feel good, but the way I figure it, that is a good kinda of selfishness.

  1. Snowed in at the Radisson

    For Christmas, Margeaux and I went to my parents house on Christmas Eve and stayed until about noon. That’s about an hour trip south of here. From there we drove up to her sisters house which is about an hour back plus another hour. It had already started to snow hard. By the time we were ready to come home that evening, the roads were a mess. It took us almost 2 hours on the turnpike to make it just a couple of exits. Clearly, it was time to get off the roads and snag a room somewhere. I always wanted to try Radisson, so we did. Check in, surf the TV to see what’s available. High Speed internet access and I let my lappy at home. So to the bar/restaurant downstairs we went. Dinner was great. Prime Rib Buffet. Yummy.

    Total Bill: ~$60.00
    Total Tipage: ~$40.00

    Hey, it’s just green paper with dead guys on it, and you can’t take it with you. It was a slow night, so I’m sure the tip helped her out.

  2. Lunch at Applebees

    On any given weekend, we tend to hit the mall, grab some lunch, go to Borders or Best Buy or some such place. The weekend after Christmas we went to Applebees for lunch, and that urge stuck again. :-) We looked around for a bit and picked a family of 6; 4 kids, mom and dad having lunch together. Then we called our waitress over and sat her down, along with the waitress of the family we picked.

    “See that family of six over there?”, “Yes”, “Bring us there bill. Don’t tell them it was us. Make something up.”

    Total Bill: ~$55.00
    Total Tipage: ~$40.00 / 2 waitresses.

But don’t tell any one. If this should get out, it will ruin my image.

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