While I’m at it…all I’m hearing lately are these local/state officials playing the we-need-to-raise-taxes march to which I say Suck It. The excuses are usually something to do with schools needing money. I really do believe the schools are falling apart and they do need money. But raising income or sales taxes isn’t the answer. It never has been the answer because the money just gets misappropriated. What they really need is accountability. Hey, isn’t that why we have a legalized state lotto? “If we have a lotto, the money can go to the schools”. Yeah right.

What they really need to do is start a gambling boat casino on Lake Erie. That would rake in the bucks I bet. What really pisses me off is cities like Cleveland who pay their teachers a shit wage, build a new football stadium, then cry about taxes and levies when school roofs fall in. Hey, if your children’s education is important enough to raise taxes, then it should’ve come first before the new stadium you didn’t need.

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