So we picked up a copy of Quicken 2004 for the woman, and I snagged a copy as well since it was nearing a reasonable price (~$25). I tried pupdating the software from release version 1 to release verion 5. Every attempt at updating yielded the terribly helpful “Path engines failed bla bla bla”.

After trying unsuccessfully many times to update Quick either online, or manually using the update files, I figured out the problem: spaces in paths and long file names! WTF?

This is from the update.log:

Extracting Quicken Dir update data to: C:\PROGRA~1\Quicken 2004\inet\common\patch\H130103R.RTP
Calling RTPatchApply: -i -not -sub "C:\WINDOWS" C:\PROGRA~1\Quicken 2004\inet\common\patch\H130103R.RTP

There’s the culprit. The dipshit update doesn’t quote the path to the RTP file. Not only that, but shouldn’t it also be in a ~ short file name style?

Of course, this is only a problem if you install quicken into a directory other than “/Quicken”. Good thing changing the install directory isn’t an option during the install. :-/ Idiots.

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