The counter offers’ counter offer was accepted. The contract has been ammended, signed and returned. All loan paperwork has been gathered.

Monday we start the loan paperwork and inspections. After that, it’s all downhill until closing, which is ~November 3rd!

Then the real fun begins. Moving. Cleaning and painting the old house. And selling it. Hopefully it will go somewhat quickly. Afterall, it has a new roof and gutters/spouts (this year), new windows (4 years), waterproof basement (drains + sump + sealer) (2 years), sump pump and batter backup sump pump (this year), entirely new bathroom (2 years), repainted/trimmed/floored kitchen (this year), new stainless steel sink and disposal (this year), and central air (4 years).

It’s not the cutest place on the block on the outside, but it sure has a lot fixed on the inside already.

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