That is the only conclusion I can make after witnessing first hand the type of “new math” they use.

I went to get my medications refilled and that’s when the fun started. For one of the pills, I could pay ~$8.00 for a 30 day supply through insurance, or I could pay ~$12.00 dollars for a 90 day supply of the same thing without going through insurance. What the fuck is that?

No wonder insurance rates are skyrocketing and benifit quality and coverage is heading in a downward spiral.

Here’s another example. Someone goes in for an MRI. The hospital bills $8000 for the procedure. The insurance company says, “oh no, we know it costs xxx” and pays ~$1500. The hospital knows full well it has to bill ~$8000 so it will get the amount to cover the cost. The price you or I would pay without insurance? Yep. $8000.


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