What a loooong weekend so far. Friday we went down to my parents, ate dead cow and watched the fireworks. Stayed the night. Got up the next morning. Watched Caeser on TNN. Came back home.

Last night we went to see the Cleveland Orchestra perform Carmina Burana at Blossom Music Center. Good stuff. I have bought this CD of Carmina Burana performed by the Boston Symphany Orchestra a couple of months ago and listened to it a lot at work. I just happened to hear about last nights performance on the radio Friday morning and snagged tickets that night.

All in all, it was a great performance. There were even fireworks afterwords. My only complaint (as a musician) was that some protions went a little too fast for my taste compared to the CD. Could be just personal preference, but sometimes, it’s not about fast, it’s about anticipation and build up…hell that’s what music is about right?

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