As I’m sure Margeaux and others can testify, I’ve been extremely up tight, ready to explode lately. The cats don’t get along. Two houses. Two sets of bills. Computer wireless not working right. I’ve been ready to burst for a while now. Yes, I realize there are others with far less with far worse problems. I’m lucky and I shouldn’t be complaining.

For some reason once I finally got the computer upstairs and working from the other house, I’m finally started to listen to my Delphi SKYFi that Margeaux got me more often. Not only that, but I’ve been listening to the Classical stations. I’d forgotten how much I really like that music after I graduated music school. Maybe it’s the highly complex math and patterns behind it all. But I digress.

Listening to Mozart and Beethoven (Music by Dead Guys as we would say in collage) has chilled me out somewhat. That and a few good doses of Dave Brubeck Quartets’ Take Five and Blue Rondo A La Turk seem to have gotten me a little more centered again. Now we’re onto Tito Puente.

Now, about that site conversion to Unix I can’t seem to finish…

For anyone into carribean jazz, or samba with steel drums, I hightly recommend some Andy Narell.

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