So here it is, Sunday around noon and I decided to finally install the rear brake drum shoes and spring kit thats been sitting on my back seet since the end of winter.

Now I’ve never done rear brakes before. I did my first set of front brakes last summer. That’s why they pay me to be a programmer, not a tech at work.
Mechanical tinkerings and such aren’t my bag. That’s why we have things like the Haynes manuals. follow the pictures. :-)

So I get the wheels and brake drums off, and tear off the old hardware, when I discover that the spring kit is a little odd.
The sprint kit is sold labeled as “full axle”, which usually in installation speak means there is enough hardware to do both sides/wheels.
Yet there are 2 wheels, 4 shoes with 1 retention spring for each shoe.

Sure enough, the bag had only 2 retention springs and two spring seats, yet if had 4 spring caps and 4 spring bolts.? WTF?
So once I find someone to drive me to the local auto parts store, I bought a second kit. Same deal. 2 springs and 2 seats short.

Welcome to my world.

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