Well, we went and looked at this house tonight. This is the one IMHO. I wish I could show you pictures, but we broke the camera (thanks St. Murphy!) and ended up with about 10 pictures of pure black nothing. Go figure.

General House Info

First, the entire first floor is hardwood floors. Wood trim everywhere, and every door in the house is solid oak. The house is 6 years old, but you would swear up and down that no human has ever lived there. Not a scratch or dent anywhere: and impresive feat considering tghe amount of wood inthe house.

Oh yeah, and the first floor ceilings are 9’ tall! Woohoo!

Great Room/Family Room (13 × 23)

Along with the hardwood floor and wood trim, there is also huge crown molding in this room. There is a fireplace in the middle. My onle complaint is that lack of any built in lighting. Easily fixable, but there’s plenty of room for lamps everywhere.

Dinette (10 × 11)

Off of the Great Room and in front of the foyer is the Dinette. It’s big enough to be the dning room all by itself. Behind it is a double door out onto the deck. And have I mentioned it has hardwood floors?

Kitchen (11 × 10)

The kitchen is as big as the Dinette. All hardwood cabinets. Large stainless sink. Disposal. Dishwasher!!!! Stove. Fridge. Oh yeah, and hardwood floors!

Dining Room (13 × 11)

The dining room is on the opposite side of the house form the Great Room. It’s huge by itself. I had not idea what we’d do with it, but we’ll manage! Oh yeah, and hardwood floors! :-)

Bedroom #1 (17 × 10)

This one is bigger than the master bedroom on its own. The real gem though is the L shaped walk-in closet between it and the Master Bedroom. It’s huge! It could holz one million [in Dr. Evil pinky to mouth grin] pairs of shoes!

Bedroom #2 (12 × 11)

While not that big (still huge compared to what we have now) this bedroom has a huge closet. This house is all about the closet space it seems. That’s good. We have a lot of crap.

Master Bedroom (11 × 15)

While this room is a little narrow, it has two wonderful things: the walk-in closet, and the private master bath! Awesome!

Master Bath

The master bath has the usual toilet, sink, huge sink cabinet, and a 4’ shower. No tub. This sounds bad at first, but a) the 2nd bathroom in the hallway has a tub, and b) the master bathroom has a huge closet that is the SAME SIZE as the master bath itself. If you wanted to tear out a wall and make it a huge bath, you could.

Upstairs Bath

Nothing too special. Toilet. SInk. Huge sink cabinet. Tub. Shower.


The basement is wide open. The used a steal I-beam to support the upper floors.
Painted. Sealed. Double sump pumps (Yes, I will install batter backup pumps!). You could finish 2/3 of it into a rec room in no time flat.
The basement has a back door directly to the back yard. That will make getting things into the basement lot easier.


It’s a 2.5 car garage. Finished walls. Cold water pipage. Door w/ opener. :-)
There is also a back door to the back yard.

The Grounds (110×360)

The fornt yard is nothing special. Some landscaping, but it’s got plenty of room for tender loving care. A gravel driveway hopefully to become concrete someday. The back yard has a firepit.A little soggy in the middle. Could use a couple loads of topsoil to raise the grade towards the woods. As we have woods! I went back aways, but didn’t find the fence.

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