After only two months I’ve managed to acquire a fix list for the new [to me, built in 1997] house. At least it’s all relatively cheap things.

  • Scrape/paint all exterior door jams. Especially the ones facing West.
  • Install storm doors on West facing doors to prevent the above from happening again. :-)
  • Recaulk window exteriors and doorways to help stave off lady bug invasion.
  • Install new bottom seal on garage door.
  • Caulk around porch and step.
  • Paint/seal interior garage block and caulk around corners.
  • Paint/seal exterior block.
  • Renail railing on deck.
  • New deck boards on deck.
  • Remove two trees next to driveway.
  • Order more limestone to finish widening driveway.
  • Replace delapodated bird feeder
  • Patch hole in exterior block on garage.

Lots of stuff to do. But eat least it’s nothing like the last house: waterproof basement, new roof, windows, etc.

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