Well, I was a very very bad boy today. I ordered the parts for my new game rig. This time, I decided to follow my own adivce. Buy what you want, top of the line even, so you won’t regret not getting it later just for the sake of a few bucks here and there. My real goal is the best game box I can get for a reasonable amount of cash, and something that will run Doom III and Half-Life2 without batting an eye with all of the fancy options turned on/up..

With that in mind, here she is:

The two SATA Raptors will be RAID0, the two EIDE drives will be RAID0, then both of those RAID0’s will be mirrored (RAID0+1).
Lucky for me, I snagged the Audigy2 card and the Inspire 6600 speakers a last month, on the last day that they both had a $30 rebated. :-)

I’ve seen posts on net where people have has this rig overclocked to ~3.5-3.7Ghz, yielding 16,500+ on 3DMark01 and insane Frames Per Second (400+) in QuakeIII and UT2003.

The woman is going to become a computer widow for a while once I get this machine assembled. There will be a whole lot of Jedi Outcast, Splinter Cell, Enter the Matrix, and Soldier of Fortune II going on.

I feel so dirty. :-)

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