I needed some new tunes this week. Mostly old stuff, and some new stuff from older bands.

  • Edgar Winter: The Best Of Edgar Winter

    I bought this album for one song and one song only: Frankenstein.
    If of the coolest rock type instrumentals with a great wind/brass section IMHO.

  • Primus: Sailing The Seas Of Cheese

    I heard Tommy The Cat on the new XM SKYFi Radio and remembered that this was missing from the Primus albums I already have. My college roomie got me into Primus, along with King Crimson and Brand X.

  • Iron Maiden: Brave New World

    I’ve always been a huge Iron Maiden fan. I used to have every cassette, and now I’m trying to get every CD.
    I’m not sure what it is about them. Maybe it’s just that their songs were more story like than the usual hair band dribble. Of course, I really dig Eddie and the album cover art over the years.

  • W.A.S.P.: Inside The Electric Circus

    One of the more hard core rock bands of the 80s IMHO. Not quite death metal or anyhting, but still more aggressive than the usual Warrant/Bullet Boys junk.

One of these days I need to finish ripping my CD collection and get it’s info into the music section of this site. That should go quicker now that I have a lappy with 2 CD-R drives, a desktop with 2 CD drives, and 2 more drives in the file server.

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