So here I am, surfin this morning and all of a sudden no connection. Look over at the server rack and all I see it one of the little Netgear FS108 10/100 switches with all of its lights flashing on and off rapidly. Luckily for me, I had a spare. It appears that I have toated yet another power supply dongle for these switches.

I’ve been through this before (I’ve got 3 of them). And my first guess is that the original ones that came with the units are junk. The replacement supply I bought last year looks different and still works. :-) To make matters more confusing, 2 of my FS108 switches use a 5V power supply and have dip switches, and the 3rd FS108 uses a 12V power supply and has no dip witches. Go figure.

I know, I know. I really should buy a rack mount switch., but they’re expensive, and why should I pay for a 16-24 port switch when I only need about 6 ports? For that matter, I need two seperate switches for my setup anyways. Such is the technical life.

On the upshot, now I remember why I opted to never get the switches with the power supplies built in. :-)

Netgear FS108 10/100 Switch

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