I knew I was running low on karma points. Today we went to the carpet place at lunch to pick up some cheap carpet for a few spots in the old house before we put it up for sale. After work, we headed over to the old crib to yank up the old carpet and clean out a room so the installers could do their magic.

About ten minutes into this we hear a big pop-hissssssssssss. Our old water heater blew it’s drain plug clean off; rusted out. So, 7 hours later and way to much $, the OLD HOUSE WE’RE SELLING has a new hot water tank. #$%^%$#!

On the bright side of this, it’s another selling point. Not only that, but if it would’ve broke and we weren’t there, it would’ve kept spewing out water. Bad. So at least it waited until we were there to go bezerk.

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