Ya know the older I get, the more silly things really really really bug me, especially things around the house.


When you buy a 6 year old house that has the appropriate pipe, gravel, drains, and sump pump, you expect a dry basement. Apparently not. I’ve got a little water coming in right where the floor and wall me directly under where the sewer pipe leaves the house. Now the front porch slab was never sealed between it and the house. That’s problem one. The gutter in the front appears to be draining poorly even though it has grating over top to prevent leavage; probably cause #2. How frustrating.

At least in the old house, when I had the basement waterproffed, it sure was dry.


When you buy a house and the pest inspection agency supposedly sprays for ants, you expect to see no ants. Apparently not. I ran into about 10 or so black ants upstairs and now about a dozen or so small clear/red ants in the kitchen. After the rains, they been crawling up the basement block on the outside despite the supposed spraying and also some more granual treament. Time to try spray again.

More Water

The wind and rain have been so bad lately that the window in the basement leaked between the two sliding panes. There was water all over the inside sills and glass. Now the one without a screen on the bottom half outside leaked. The one with the screan didn’t. Now here’s the retarded part: I have a screen for the second window, but it doesn’t remotely fit. How in the hell did they install two windows and have one of the screens be completely the wrong size? It doesn’t even come close to the size of any other window in the house. WTF?

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