Well, this is going to really bug me. Mozilla.org redesigned the front page along with the new Mozilla Foundation. While I like it overall, they did something that really irks me after drinking the CSS/W3C/WaSP kool-aide: browser sniffing.

At first I did a view source, and it looks like good ole HTML4. Yet, when I validated, the W3C validator choked up errors (AFTER telling it what endocing it was; that’s missing too) about missing type attributes in the style and script tags.

So, I whipped out IE6 (ouchie) and did a view source. Sure enough, it’s getting sniffed and sent non HTML4 compliant code. Come on. I expect a little better from the Mozilla camp on this one.

I may have spoken too soon. :-)
Looks like there are some strange cache/proxy/replication/new page issues afoot. Either way, nothing sending in patches won’t cure.

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