Well, for anyone reading, you’ve no doubt already seen my rants about horrible inconsistant Linksys Wireless hardware. Well I took some advice and ignore my Microsoft bashing for a moment, and purchased a Microsoft MN-730 Wireless-G NIC.

When I first learned that Microsoft was going to sell wireless hardware, I laughed. I figured it would be horrible, and indeed the first round of things looked to be a bit rough. But I must say, this card and it’s drivers have been ROCK SOLID where the Linksys simply crapped on itself over and over. If I ever convert to WPA and full 802.11g 54Mbps, I might just stick with MS wireless hardware (NIC/PCMCIA).

Since I only need a WAP, and not a router, I probably won’t get the MN-700. Then again, some of the Router/PCMCIA card package deals are pretty good.

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