Well, leave it to MCI to be completely clueless about all things billing. Just a quick synopsis for those just tuning in.

  • ~2001 – Enroll in 24/7 Unlimitied usage ISDN package
  • April 2002 – WorldSham/MCI starts billling us for hourly usage
  • Call in get it corrected
  • May 2002 – more hourly usage charges on an unlimited account
  • Call in get it fixed
  • This pattern continues until we cancel account in November 2002
  • Spend December 2002 until July 2003 still trying to get account credited for misbilled hours

The finally in July we received the following email and also a snail mail invoice to the same effect:

Account xxxxxxxxxx has already been credited in the amount of $2,976.39.
Account xxxxxxxxxx ISDN connect hours billed incorrectly from
Service was to receive unlimited usage, this adjustment will be reflected on
07/01/03 invoice.

Thank you, for your patience.

Kim Burgett
MCI Billing Analyst
Tel: (703) 886-5857
VNET Number: 806-5857
Fax: (703) 886-0525
Toll Free: 1 (877) 709-8901
Email: kim.burgett@mci.com
or, ashburn-billsupport@wcom.com

Great! Dead. Done. Problem over. Account closed. Closure. Balance credited.

So guess what we got in the mail today? A fucking letter from Harvard Collections Services for $2993.17 on behald of MCI.. No wonder these people are getting sued twelve ways from Sunday. Unfucking believable.

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