Well, we went to Lowes to look for a washer, maybe a dryer. The new house doesn’t have a washer, and we’re going to want to do laundry next week. We move in next week!!!!

As it turns out, we picked the perfect night to go. It was the last night of a 12 Months Same As deal for all Energy Start appliances. So, we snagged a25 cubit foot KitchenAide Stainless Steel side by side fridge, and a Maytag 3.3 cubic ft. washer and it’s sister dryer. All for $3200. Ouch. But, we have no payments or interest for 12 months. Plenty of time to sell the old place and pay off the card.

Plus, for anything over $3000, our interest rate went from 21% to 13%. Not bad, not that I plan on having to find out first hand.

Even better, they have and can deliver all of them on Tuesday while I’m waiting on Dish Networks to move my dish service.

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