Apparently the karma bin is running close to empty this week. On Sunday right after some closure to my wireless saga, one of my teeth in the bottom front shed a chunk out of the corner for no reason (actually, the reason was two teeth pressing in toward each other for a long time).

Then this week, grandma broke her arm. As unlucky as that is, it’s better than a leg or hip. Some pain meds and therapy and she’ll be ok.

We started painting, scrapiing, spackling and cleaning the old house in preperation for sale. So much to fix. The wallpaper did come off really easy though, which irks me a bit. If I knew if was going to be that east (because it was old a cheap) I would’ve done it a long time ago. Plus, almost all of the floors have hardwood underneath. At least there won’t be much if any carpet replacement.

On top of all that, I heard a crash this morning while Margo was getting ready for work. Apparently the 6’ closet hanger (ClosetMaid) pull out from the driywall and came crashing to the floor. Great, more drywall holes to fill. What really pisses me off is the fact that the installers (house contracters when it was built) didn’t even try to hit any studs whatsoever. Smart move for something that you’ll hang many clothes from. Tards.

So guess what I get to do tonight? That’s right, hand a new pole and fill the holes. At least I’ve got a kick ass stud finder and leveler.

Lord knows what tomorrow may hold. I can’t wait until next year when I can use vacation for actual vacation.

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