I was wrong. I’ll admit that.

Even though my current gaming rig is going on two years old, it still kicks ass. A 2.4 overclocked to 3.3 on air cooling doesn’t suck, and the memory throughput with the OCZ dual channel kicks ass, even by most of todays benchmarks.

From the day I installed Half-Life2 I’ve gotting memory errors of some sort. What pissed me off even more about that was the fact that Memtest86 shows the memory is clean as a whistle.

Last night I had the urge to play HL2 again and once again, the random crash pissed me off. Admitting my wrongness and leaving behind “but it shouldn’t happen” thoughts, I dropped my FSB down 15 points. I’m still overclocked to a respectable 3.18.

No more crashes [yet]. Sigh.

With that said, playing HL2 is just as much fin, and just as scary the second time around. That dan game is very immersive.

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