Have I mentioned lately than I love Perl? I do. I used to think it would be hard to learn. It it eay to learn but hard to master. Once I started my gravitation towards FreeBSD and Apache, I have no reason not to start building my site in something like Perl or PHP. PHP never stuck with me because it suffers from the same problem as ASP imho. That is that it’s harder to seperate content from code in ASP, PHP, and even Perl when doing run of the mill CGI. That’s why I started using AxKit, but that’s another set of articles entirely. But I digress.

After using perl for a while, converting sites. Creating modules. Creating patches. I find Perl completely and utterly liberating as a language compared to where I start with VB and VBScript (Stop Laughing). The simple task of assigning a string from a set of strings to a variable using || is just awesome. Try that in VB without at least one hoop somwhere beit an if statement or a function. Even more great of the other things: dynamic functions add into the namespace, assigning strings to an array in one statement, etc, etc.

I’m simply mad about Perl and I wish my partners in crime at work would give it s try. TIMTOWTDI. Indeed.

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