If I had one wish today, it would be that my cats could speak 5 minutes of English and tell me what the hell is going on around the house.

Ever since Buttons broke her leg, the Siamese sisters (Neiko & Isis) attack her sister Babs. Babs of course is to nice to fight, and runs away which encourages them even more. Babs is a 14 pounder. The Siamese are 4 pounds each.
In the past, Babs would not go to the litter box which caused a bladder/urinary infection which manifested itself as her peeing on me in bed. That’s certainly one way to tell your owner something is wrong. Since then we’ve kept the Siamese and the black sisters on separate floors, rotating them to the opposite floor every night.

It’s been a long time since she did that; until today of course. While we were gone, she peed all over the bed. No Siamese were down. No signs of infection (after yet another vet visit). All I ask is 5 minutes: tell me what’s wrong.

Now it’s not like these cats don’t get attention. They’re on us like a fly on stink when we’re home. Never were there 4 other cats in the world so spoiled. Go figure. Clean up and move on I guess.

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