This is about my only realy gripe with Firefox. I always wish I could change the size and/or position of the toolbar search box.

My laptop runs at 1600×1200, and my desktops run at 1280×1024. With those kinds of sizes, the search box is always waaaaaay over on the right when I need it. That’s a pain in the ass in a reading left-to-right environment.

Yes, I just realized I can customize a toolbar and drag the search box to the left. That’s on half of the problem solved.

I also wish I could click-drag the left side of the searchbox and make it larger. As a programmer, I’m usuall searching for much longer strings, especially when I’m searching MSDN for .NET namespaces.

I’m sure there is some XUL/CSS magic I could conjure up. I just shouldn’t even have to.

Two for two. Apparently I’m not the only one who hates the size. Thanks for the CSS example.

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