My initial reaction to Firefox 10.PR was that it sucks serious ass compared to 0.9.3. I’d like to ammend those sentiments.

My bigest complaint was the bookmarks that wouldn’t work, and that disappeared every time I restarted Firefox. That problem has been resolved.

I run Firefox from a USB thumb drive using the -Profile argument; installed from the .zip version, not the .exe installer.

It appears that in this configuration, the import wizard never runs, and as such, never creates a bookmarks.html and bookmarks.bak file. If I manually added bookmarks.html to the profile directory, Firefox would delete it every time I quit Firefox.

The secret seemed to be to let Firefox run normally and create a local profile. Then copy it’s boomkmarks.* files into my portable profile. Problem solved.

I guess Firefox looks for a bookmarks.bak and assume the if it isn’t there, the import wizard never ran, wipe the file and start fresh.

Who knows.

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